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GM Lighting

GM Lighting LED EZ Tape Connectors

GM Lighting LED EZ Tape Connectors

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LED EZ Tape Connectors

Connecting a GM Lighting standard or high output standard or color changing RGB flexible linear tape has never been easier.  With the LEDTask EZ Tape Connector, you simply open, insert and snap closed.  The connector captures the tape and snaps closed for a secure connection. 

Whether you are connecting two tapes together, or connecting a tape to a GM Lighting power supply, the LEDTask EZ Tape Connector is the quickest and easiest solution. 

  • Cut tape in field and connect in seconds
  • Enables easier installation on multiple lengths
  • Connect the same way to power supply - securely and in seconds
Spec Sheet

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Catalog No. Description
LTC-EZ-1 EZ Connector
LTC-EZ-3 3" EZ tape to tape connector
LTC-EZ-12 12" EZ tape to tape connector
LTC-EZ-24 24" EZ tape to tape connector
LTC-EZ-60 60" EZ tape to tape connector
LTW-EZ-60 60" EZ tape to power supply connector


Catalog No. Description
GM-WPSC Universal wet location 3-wire splice connector

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