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American Lighting

American Lighting Twinkly Pro Extension Cable

American Lighting Twinkly Pro Extension Cable

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Make installation planning easier with the Twinkly Pro extension cable. No need to adjust the location of your hardware or controllers. Just install the extension cable and eliminate the stress or redesigning your system.

  • 16.4ft
  • Available in green and transparent
  • Compatible with:
    Capsule Single Line Strings - TW-PLC-S-CA-1x250
    Capsule Dual Line Strings - TW-PLC-S-CA-2x125
    Capsule Icicle - TW-PLC-I-CA-250
    Capsule Curtain - TW-PLC-CU-CA-05x50
    Capsule Curtain - TW-PLC-CU-CA-10x25

              IP RATING IP65 Outdoor
              Spec Sheet

              Twinkly Pro Controllers Cut Sheet

              Twinkly Pro Router Cut Sheet

              Twinkly Pro Hub Cut Sheet

              Twinkly Pro Music Players Cut Sheet

              TW-PLC-EXT-G Green 16.4ft extension cable
              TW-PLC-EXT-T Transparent 16.4ft extension cable


              TWPRO-CTRL-PLC-21 6 Port / 250 LEDs Per Port / Links wih Hub or Router via Ethernet Connection / 120V AC Input / 24V DC 2A Output
              TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-22US 4 Port / Standalone Control / 250 LEDs Per Port / 120V AC Input / 24V DC Output
              TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-21US 1 port / Standalone Control / 250 LED control / 120V AC Input / 24V DC Output
              TWPLUS-SPLITTER-2 5.9” splitter (*for 1 port controller ony)
              TWPRO-4GUS 4G to WiFi router
              TWPRO-HUB-8 6 output ports / 9,000 LED control
              TWPRO-MUSIC-US 120-240V AC / Music Player / Cloud console
              TMD01USB USB music sync device
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