Collection: Tape Lights

What is tape lighting with channels anyway? It’s a solution that combines form and function in a very unique way. Whether you have a blueprint for your home to be, or you want to update and upgrade, tape lighting with channels is worth exploring. Anything in your space can be enhanced by it. From kitchen cabinets and pantries to the shelving in your great room, tape lighting with channels has a very special versatility. It can highlight architectural beauty, serve as essential task lighting and be part of a perfect layered lighting scheme.

Planning is Priority One

Tape lighting must be integrated into your electrical system, making planning a critical piece of the installation pie. Map it out and make it fun. Here’s how:

  • Because it’s lower in voltage than some other light sources, you’ll need to make sure you have the electrical components (like a power supply or driver) to accommodate it.
  • Tape lighting loves tape measures – make sure you know the lengths you’ll need for different spaces. The amount of tape you use will guide the wattage capacity of your power supply.
  • Think about switch options. Do you want a standard wall switch or a dimmer? 

Before starting a project, ensure you have all the necessary compatible components.