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American Lighting

American Lighting Twinkly Pro Music Players

American Lighting Twinkly Pro Music Players

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Twinkly Pro Music Players

Twinkly Music, in combination with any Twinkly light set, offers much more than just music sensitivity: its cutting edge algorithms decode any sound source in real time (whether it’s classical Christmas songs or dance music) to identify relevant musical elements to create a combined audio-visual experience. 

  • 120-240V AC input
  • Works with the Twinkly Pro Controller & Hub
  • Sync to audio and video with Music Player*
  • IP65 rated

                RGB / RGBW
                IP RATING IP65 Outdoor
                Spec Sheet

                Twinkly Pro Music Players Cut Sheet

                Twinkly Pro Router Cut Sheet

                Twinkly Pro Hub Cut Sheet

                Twinkly Pro Controllers Cut Sheet

                TWPRO-MUSIC-US*120-240V AC / Music Player / Cloud console 120-240V AC / Music Player / Cloud console
                USB music sync device

                TWPRO-CTRL-PLC-21 6 Port / 250 LEDs Per Port / Links wih Hub or Router via Ethernet Connection / 120V AC Input / 24V DC 2A Output
                TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-22US 4 Port / Standalone Control / 250 LEDs Per Port / 120V AC Input / 24V DC Output
                TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-21US 1 port / Standalone Control / 250 LED control / 120V AC Input / 24V DC Output
                TW-PLC-EXT-G Green 16.4ft extension cable
                TW-PLC-EXT-T Transparent 16.4ft extension cable
                TWPRO-HUB-8 6 output ports / 9,000 LED control
                TWPRO-4GUS 4G to WiFi router
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