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GM Lighting

GM Lighting LTR-S-COBWP-24V 1.5/3W FT LED Tape Wet Location 27K-40K CUSTOM PER FOOT

GM Lighting LTR-S-COBWP-24V 1.5/3W FT LED Tape Wet Location 27K-40K CUSTOM PER FOOT

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Color Temperature

LTR-S Spec Series COB Wet Location Tape

The newest addition in the flexible LED tape is the COBWP (Chip On Board - Wet location) technology. Tightly spaced diodes are encapsulated into a single phosphor strip that provides a seamless linear light display with no LED pixelation. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K on 16’4” (5 meter) reels. 


  • 1.5W / 3.0W
  • 24VDC 
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temps
  • 95+ CRI
  • Remote control with GM’s LUXcontrol™ App and controllers (Requires NEMA box) 
  • Suitable for wet locations, IP65 
  • 156 LEDs per foot 
  • Cuttable every 2” 
  • 180° viewing angle 
  • Dimmable (ELV or MLV) 
  • 3M adhesive back 
  • Maximum run on a given lead is 1.5W: 32’-8” and 3W: 16’-4”

    Spec Sheet




    Catalog No. Lumens/Foot Watts/Foot CRI Color Temp. Max. Run
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-1.5W-27K-XX-XX 127 1.5W 95+ 2700K 32'-8"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-1.5W-30K-XX-XX 127 1.5W 95+ 3000K 32'-8"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-1.5W-35K-XX-XX 127 1.5W 95+ 3500K 32'-8"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-1.5W-40K-XX-XX 142 1.5W 95+ 4000K 32'-8"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-3.0W-27K-XX-XX 255 3.0W 95+ 2700K 16'-4"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-3.0W-30K-XX-XX 265 3.0W 95+ 3000K 16'-4"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-3.0W-35K-XX-XX 275 3.0W 95+ 3500K 16'-4"
    LTR-S-COBWP-24V-3.0W-40K-XX-XX 285 3.0W 95+ 4000K 16'-4"
    Kelvin temp. =/-100K. 


    SHWC Smart 2.4 GHz WiFi Controller, Standard 12V/24V Low Voltage, 1-Channel / 2-Wire 
    SHWC-RGBW-RPT Universal Smart Power Repeater


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