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GM Lighting

GM Lighting NV24-4W-RGBW NeoVISION24™ RGBW Side/Top Flex Neon Tape

GM Lighting NV24-4W-RGBW NeoVISION24™ RGBW Side/Top Flex Neon Tape

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NeoVISION24™ RGBW TopFlex and SideFlex Neon Tape

 A 24VDC RGBW, flexible linear ‘neon’ tape that is field cuttable. Designed for applications that requires a neon-like ultra-rich, saturated color with 3500K white. SideFlex enables horizontal bending and TopFlex enables vertical bending that conforms tape around curvilinear surfaces.


  • 24VDC operation
  • 4W per foot
  • RGB with 3500K white 
  • Wet location - IP65 
  • Tape encased in UV stable silicone (UV protected) 
  • Controllable RGBW 
  • Wireless control with LUXcontrol App and controller
  • Dimmable
  • 120° viewing angle 
  • Maximum run: 16’-4” 
  • Cut and cap only in 2.5-inch increments while retaining IP65 
  • Mounting clips included (recommend use 1 per foot) 
Spec Sheet


Catalog No. Length Wattage CRI White Color Temp. Max. Run 
NV24S-4W-RGBW-16 16’-4” 4.3W / FT.  90+  3500K  16’-4”
NV24T-4W-RGBW-16 16’-4” 4.3W / FT. 90+ 3500K 16’-4”
Kelvin temperature (color) ±100K. Every reel includes (1) NV24T-PF-EF (tape to power feed with 48”; of lead. 16’ reel includes (16) NV24T-MC-A mounting clips and screws. Operating temp.: -4° - 130°F.


SHWC-RGBW Smart 2.4 GHz WiFi Controller, Standard RGBW 12V/24V Low Voltage, 4-Channel / 5-Wire 
SHWC-RGBW-RPT Universal Smart Power Repeater
Catalog No. Description
NV24T-PF-EF8 Tape to power flexible end feed - 8 ft. length
NV24T-PF-BF8 Tape to power flexible bottom feed - 8 ft. length
NV24T-SP Tape to tape splice connector
NV24T-CHL-A4 Aluminum channel - 4 ft. length
NV24T-CHL-A8 Aluminum channel - 8 ft. length
NV24T-MC-A Aluminum mounting clips (set of 20)
NV24T-TTC6 Tape to tape 6” flexible connector
NV24T-TTC12 Tape to tape 12” flexible connector
NV24T-TTC24 Tape to tape 24” flexible connector
NV24T-FLEX-CHL Flexible mounting channel - 39.5”
NV24-CT Tape cutting tool
NV24T-EC End cap
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