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GM Lighting

GM Lighting LTR-S-COB-24V-RGBTW Connectors

GM Lighting LTR-S-COB-24V-RGBTW Connectors

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Color Temperature

LTR-S Spec Series COB RGB+ Tunable White LED Tape Tape

GM’s RGB + Tunable White COB tape adds a new dimension beyond simple RGB. With the addition of 2700K and 6500K White LEDs, an amazing combination of color and general lighting is enabled. Cool white light can be used for critical tasks while warm whites create a cozy environment. RGB colors create a wide array of accent options
for your desired look. Compact, COB style tape means reduced pixelization for smoother looking light. Designed for high quality illumination in dynamic applications.

  • Red, Green, Blue (RGB) channels for rich color applications
  • Tunable White LEDs for general and task lighting (2700K-6500K)
  • 169 LEDs (single color), 845 LEDs (all LEDs) per meter
  • Cuttable Increment: 1-5/8”
  • 90° L-sections make flat corner applications easy
  • Custom lengths available - consult factory
  • 150° viewing angle
  • 3M adhesive back
  • Compatible with 5-channel DMX or RF control
      Spec Sheet

      1.5W / 3W COB 24VDC SPEC SHEET

      Catalog No. Length Lumens/Foot Watts/Foot CRI Color Temp. Max. Run
      LTR-S-COB-24V-5W-RGBTW-16 16'-4" (5M) 127 5W 95+ 2700K 16'-4"
      LTR-S-COB-24V-5W-RGBTW-LL 1.625" X 1.625" 127 5W 95+ 3000K 16'-4"
      LTR-S-COB-24V-5W-RGBTW-LR 1.625" X 1.625" 127 5W 95+ 3500K 16'-4"

      LED Channel Voltage Watts/ft Lumens/ft CCT CRI Wavelength
      Warm White 24.0 0.97 68 2700K 91 -
      Cool White 24.0 0.97 73 6500K 90 -
      Red 24.0 1.56 - - - 628nm
      Green 24.0 0.69 - - - 520nm
      Blue 24.0 0.12 - - - 454nm


      LUXcontrol CONTROLLERS

      SHWC Smart 2.4 GHz WiFi Controller, Standard 12V/24V Low Voltage, 1-Channel / 2-Wire 
      SHWC-RGBW-RPT Universal Smart Power Repeater


      Catalog No. Description
      LOC6-TT-S Low profile 6C tape-to-tape splice connector
      LOC6-TT-3 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 3" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TT-6 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 6" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TT-12 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 12" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TT-24 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 24" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TT-36 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 36" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TT-60 Low profile 6C tape-to-tape 60" Wire Connector
      LOC6-TP-72 Low profile 6C tape-to-power 72” wire connector

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