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GM Lighting

GM Lighting LTR-S-TUN-24V 1.5W/3W/5WFT 1FT/16FT/100FT Tunable White LED Tape

GM Lighting LTR-S-TUN-24V 1.5W/3W/5WFT 1FT/16FT/100FT Tunable White LED Tape

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Color Temperature

ChromaDim 24V Tunable White LED Tape

Tunable white enables light to be ‘fine tuned’ over a spectrum of white color temps, therefore allowing subtle to stark ambiance changes to match the mood, the event, or the subject illuminated. Our Tunable White LED Tape can be adjusted from 2400K to 5000K and dimmed down from 100% to 0.1%.

  • Rated at 1.5W, 3W, 5W per foot 
  • Adjust color temp. from 2400K to 5000K 
  • 120° viewing angle 
  • Tunable White control with ChromaDim Lighting System
  • Cuttable every 2” (6 pairs of diodes) 
  • Mounts with 3M VHB™ double stick tape 
  • Flexible tape-to-tape and tape-to-power supply connectors available 
  • The maximum run on a given lead is 32’-8” (1.5W/3W) and 16’-4” (5W)
  • Available in 16’-4” (5M) reel or per foot 

                Spec Sheet

                Spec Sheet

                Installation Instructions

                  Catalog No. Length Lumens CRI Color Temp. Max. Run
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-1.5W-16 16’-4” / 5M  162 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-1.5W-100 100' / 30M  162 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-1.5W-FT Per Foot  162 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-3.0W-16 16’-4” / 5M  267 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-3.0W-100 100' / 30M 267 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-3.0W-FT Per Foot  267 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  32’-8” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-5.0W-16 16’-4” / 5M  415 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  16’-4” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-5.0W-100 100' / 30M  415 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  16’-4” 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-5.0W-FT Per Foot  415 (3500K)  90+  2400-5000K  16’-4” 

                  Each 16’-4” and 100' reels includes 48” lead affixed at start of reel. Connectors are not included and must be ordered separately. Kelvin temperature (color) ±100K.


                  Catalog No. Description
                  LTR-S-TUN-SYS Tunable White Lighting System; Wall Controller + Driver 
                  LTR-S-TUN-24V-90W 90W 24V Tunable White Driver, Driver Only


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